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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Sew Along - Moss skirt complete


This looks like fall, at least my outfit does.  Here in Wisconsin it feels like fall and it certainly smells like fall, but we are just beginning to see some color.  I find this encouraging because I still have so much fall sewing to do that it will be fun to see the garments develop as the color does.

It started to rain on us a bit as Chuck was taking these pictures before I headed off to the Kingdom Hall for the Sunday talk.  

A reminder of my fall inspiration.    

I need to find some of the blue in this picture in a blouse weight....I really need some blouses!

The silk blouse I am wearing was from this vintage Vogue pattern, which was not vintage when purchased in the 80's..sigh.

The apricot silk was also purchased in the 80's from International Silks and Woolens a favorite haunt of mine from my days in California.

Both were tenderly packed and brought to Wisconsin.  I did not originally purchase the silk for this pattern specifically, but kept saving it for "just the right thing"   and to think all the time I had them both-lol.   I made the blouse a year of two ago, and I do love it with this skirt.  I have plans to make the short sleeve version on this pattern as well from a black silk jacquard by Ralph Lauren...hope I can accomplish this before the pattern is considered an antique!

This is my husbands favorite shot, so I had to include it.

The belt is leather, another item I have had since the early 80's

The shoes were a "find" on Pinterest, which led to a purchase at 

For my next Fall item I have started the pumpkin wool vest and I would like to make another vest from this skirt fabric as well, I have just enough left thrilling.  But blouses..yes blouses.

Are you drawn to certain weights of fabrics over others?  I am thinking I must be, because I have a serious lack of blouse weight fabrics in my stash....hmm, yet I can always find something to make a jacket from:)

What is your favorite item to make? 
  • dresses?
  • tops?
  • pants?
  • jackets?
  • skirts?
  • Home decor?


  1. Love your skirt! And the shoes are fabulous!

    And I think a shirt sew along would be great! :)

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous look on you! Love the moss skirt.

  3. Your outfit is gorgeous!! I love it!

  4. This outfit is just gorgeous Lynne! The blouse is totally divine... sigh, and such a pity that lovely pattern is no longer in circulation, I would buy it in a flash! I've decided to join in the "fall" challenge too, although for me it is a spring challenge, but never mind :) (and thank you for your kind well-wishes too)

  5. Wow, I had that Vogue pattern too! It so nice to see it made up. I made the short sleeve blouse in a stiff white linen, definitely NOT the right fabric but I was only 17 at the time and just starting to sew. I didn't know better. Yes, I was sewing Vogue Paris Originals in my teens. Those complicated patterns now scare me in my 40s.

    By the way, I see in your masthead that you have Simplicity 2959, lucky you! Have you made it up? I'm looking for a similar bodice and I'm just curious what the pattern pieces for that one looks like.


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