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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Sew Alongs - best get sewing

Acorns aglow(Zsaj's photostream on flickr via Pinterest) my fall color inspiration
Now that I am fully committed to sewing for fall, who should provide more inspiration for me then Collete Patterns and Rhinestones and Telephones.  Both of them are running fall sew alongs and you will find badge links to the right for both them.

The Fall Essential Sew Along has a Flickr group to join and Collette Patterns has a forum where the gals are posting palettes and inspiration like mad....and I mean like mad:)  I am so impressed by the variety of lovely color choices and exciting inspiration and it will no doubt be fun to see some of it come to fruition.  I do say some, because as we all know just because you dream of making a lush fall wardrobe it does not mean all of it has to get made this year or ever.
(this is an important reminder for myself to not get overwhelmed)

What really overwhelms me is how computer savy sewing bloggers are.  A testament to a generation that has grown up with this handy tool, but it leaves me feeling a bit......old....there I said it...that's right old and possibly grasping for my youth by hanging out with all of these up and coming stitcher's, who know all about smart phones and tablets and apps....oh my.

Here is my first ever color palette created on Colourlovers  where you can browse palettes created by others or make your own.  I used the Acorns Aglow photo as my inspiration. If you have some time to play its a great little sandbox to expand your horizons in.

silk chiffon   silk charmeuse   kimono silk       more silk charmeuse    kimono silk

My wardrobe choices will be expanding on my previous fall wardrobe post but I will hopefully be adding some of these fabrics from my stash into the mix.  Luscious right?  So excited to get pattern drafting and sewing, so enough with the blogging and off to the pattern table.
Please stay tuned for more of the plan.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


  1. I like your color plan. I've never tried Colourlovers site before. I look forward to seeing some amazing creations from everyone.

  2. I absolutely adore your inspiration photo! I have been playing with Colourlovers all week since I have to tweak my palette.
    I love this post too. I'm not sure all those up and comers have the sewing knowledge or the writing skill you appear to have either, but I do love all the enthusiasm of the sewing girls online...


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