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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Wardrobe - Moss Wool Skirt in progress

Today I am grateful for being able to sew on my Fall Challenge skirt. 

 Yesterday our water heater died a horrible death, bleeding out onto my studio floor.  Can you say inconvenient? 
 I had just completed a Wonder Woman Tiara for a client and decided to finish up the day by working on my skirt, when I noticed this dark patch in front of my ironing table...hmm that's odd I thought....which quickly turned into an expensive and frantic afternoon and evening...sigh. 
So yes, I am very grateful for a quiet day of personal sewing:)

Today's sewing went well.
All of the elements are sewn and most of them together....that's my waistband hanging vertically which  needs to be basted to the skirt for another fitting.

The hem sections are cut on the bias faced with Ambiance lining and under stitched. It has two darts on the front of the skirt and four on the back with an invisible zipper placed at the center back seam. The waistband will lap once attached.

In thinking through the process I was a little concerned about the bulk which would be created by all of the hem elements, as well as how and where the lining would end.  Inspiration hit upon sewing the longest layer to the lining and sewing the rest to the skirt.  This adds weight to both sections and will provide a nice clean finish for the edges and some short swing tacks will keep the lining and skirt in proper alignment.

I am quite pleased with the days sewing. 

Now I am trying to adjust to my new progressive lens which I picked up during lunch today.  Peg was kind enough to drive me in...a good thing, because I still feel a bit like a drunken sailor...well maybe not as fun as that, but a kind of moving ship thing....

What did you sew today?
What did you dream about sewing today?

Do you have bi-focals or progressive?

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  1. Oh my. I love the hem detail! Can't wait to see the finished skirt. :)

  2. LOVE that hem! And your bulk solution is brilliant. I find your attention to detail and precision so awe-inspiring, and I thank you :) And I can't wait for my annual exam (coming up soon), because when the prescription is off, it's annoying beyond belief.

  3. The hem is so lovely! I did not sew today but next on my list is a circle skirt with book appliques!

  4. I love the hem. It's so elegant. It would be great if you could explain how to do it. I would like to start on a skirt this weekend from burda

  5. Beautiful and what a inspiration to attach the lining to the longest part of the hem. I have been working on a grey denim skirt, which will be wearable but has turned out to be a leetle bit small...small everywhere, as if it was drafted for a junior size. Spanx, that's what I need. oh, I wear reading glasses only. My progressives were too weird to wear-I was in danger of falling off curbs etc.

  6. Thanks everyone, I really hope to get back to my skirt today....somehow.

    @ Sewing princess - there is an exlanation on how I created the pattern. Do you mean you would like to see how I sewed it, or would you like a more thorough explantion? Love getting suggestions for tutorials:)


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