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Sunday, May 20, 2012

To the Beach Quilt Stat!

My goal for many years now has been to have seasonal bedding.  In Wisconsin that means winter and summer, and summer is really more like an extended spring, which is why we still need quilts on our beds. 

The first quilt I made for our bed was definitely for winter, but I have yearned to lighten the palette for the spring and summer months, make something that felt resort like. Chuck is from Florida and the thing he misses the most about his home state....the beaches

Now I understand why. 
 This looks warm and inviting whereas in my home state of California we have.....

Rocky beaches with cold dark water and vicious currents.
Feel free to scroll back up to that Floridian beach to help you get over the chill that has just set in before you continue to the actual quilt project.

Charlotte Angotti
This is the pattern I am using as my launching point.  It is called "The Natural" by Charlotte Angotti.
The pattern is for a 60 x 72" quilt but I need it for a queen bed with a very deep mattress.
This change in size required adding a pattern repeat horizontally and vertically.
If  I did my math correctly the quilt will require 265 half square triangle units and 144 four patch units!

It took 2 sessions to get all my strips and squares cut from my batik scraps but don't these colors remind you of the sea?

My set up at the machine for sewing the half square triangle units.  After I have sewn a dozen or so, I cut press and square.

My first batch!  Does this say beach to you?  This is the exciting part about quilting, when you see your color choices come together.  Now I am anxious to do more, but for now it's back to capes, cowls and alterations
My plan is to do 30 minutes a day of piecing, which should get me a quilt top in no time:) time at all - lol

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  1. I love your bedding plan, and really love your fabric choices - definitely speaks beach to me! :)


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