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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dangerous Artists & Peter does Coco

My sister recently sent me this poster image from the Cold War....
I had never seen it before, but of course it gave us a good laugh here in the studio where it is true we "mix it up" frequently.  I had no idea we were so subversive.
Speaking of Dangerous Artists .....
How fantastic is this print I just purchased of Coco Channel?
It was created by Peter Emmerich an artist my husband worked with at Disney
Isn't she fabulous!!  
Peter has other wonderful and affordable prints at his Etsy store.  
check out the fashion note cards...

Enough procrastinating for me really I just thought you all would appreciate the art and subject matter. 
Its time for me to make a bat cape, a robin mask and sew some ears on a cowl.  
If I am positively productive I just might get to catch you all up on the 1912 project progress when I am done.

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