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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month - May

I am all caught up with my Craftsy blocks of the month now...Hurray!
I can't believe I have 10 completed blocks and they are all very bright and colorful.  Its been fun working with these colors and exploring some new techniques. 
 I really recommend this class if you would like to expand your sewing skills, learn to quilt, or play with color. 

This block is called "Modern Log Cabin"  Sewn in the traditional manner of a log cabin block but adding the background fabric between the color strips as well as changing the width as you move around the block.
Reminds me of the Polariod blocks that Rachel did over at Stitched in Color....which I really like and hope to get to do one day.

This 2nd block is called "Wonky Log cabin" which uses the same techniques as crazy quilting but you do not use a foundation fabric, you simply sew strips around a center medallion until you have a piece of fabric that is larger than your required block size and than true her up.

Looking forward to seeing what June has to offer 


  1. Oh, that looks really good, I especially like your modern log cabin. I'm glad I'm not the only person who got behind with their blocks. I'm way behind, still haven't started April or May and now we have June to do as well. I see a marathon sewing session coming up.

  2. Thank you, they are fun and wacky right? Trying hard myself to not get to far behind with this project...have to many others that fill that catagory - lol


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