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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Turn Winter Doldrums to Sewing Enjoyment

Last week I added a new badge to my blog ..Focus on  Enjoyment Re-sew-lution and trust me February in Wisconsin requires creative ways to endure the snow, below 0 temps and 6 hrs of daylight.  

Don't I look like I need therapy of some sort...

So I thought I would share with you one of my tips to bring some cheer into my studio during these bleak months.

Fresh flowers and a proper cup of jasmine tea.  Quite fragrant and lovely

Add a favorite classic movie and you have Sewing enjoyment. 
The scent of fresh flowers chases winter away and the color has me rethinking some upcoming projects.

The project for this particular day is marking seam allowance for a new custom dress form cover.

What have you done this week to enjoy your sewing?


  1. I'm currently living in Newfoundland. Having moved here from Texas, I'm definitely feeling your pain! So far, I've *thought* about sewing -- done a lot of research, pulled a few patterns, but I haven't actually sewn a stitch yet. Maybe it's time I dragged out my copy of The Thin Man and got about it?

    Or maybe Lady of Burlesque instead... =)

    Thanks for the inspiration -- here's hoping it sticks!

  2. Your sewing room looks joyful.
    I finished my second Minoru jacket and used PUL fabric so I'm stoked.
    Our changeable summer weather is so up and down, seeing your pics of snow is enjoyable.

  3. I broke down and actually BOUGHT flowers today! I keep wandering around the garden (and did pick the first early orchid to bring inside) but I could wait no longer for the abundance of spring flowers. Essential for winter upliftment, imho :) Your sewing space definitely looks delightful with the tea and flowers :)

  4. p.s. - do you know that you have word verification turned on? If so, and you want it, I respect that, but if not, I have some specific guidance on how to turn it off......just sayin'.... ;-)

    1. Thanks Jilly, I just turned it back on because I was getting hit with so much spam everyday that I had to make it stop. Any suggestions on how to avoid the verification and the spam would be great!


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