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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wonder Woman Tiara

 This is rather satisfying as the completion of any project is, but some are longer in the realization then others.  The Tiara appears to be simple enough especially in comparison to the rest of the costume.  But with replicas its all about finding the correct dimensions, curves, proportions, and scale, where I am not the decider but the replicator... The fun part is trying to understand why the designer, pattern maker, and sample maker made the choices they did and learning from that.  I also can't help wondering how the wardrobe department managed to keep track of this piece of the costume day after day.  Donfeld speaks of being dismayed by it getting junked up with hairspray and commenting to the makeup dept. about this. Now that I made this little lovely, I can appreciate that as well.
 While Chuck and I were taking pictures of it you gain respect for the lighting and camera people who managed to film this successfully.  A lot of light bounces off of this baby and creates some major hot spots.

 This is what the inside looks like.  I caught a glimpse of this on a YouTube video where Lynda Carter pulls her Tiara out of a display case. It looks surprisingly soft and delicate in her hands and you can see the gold edge turned to the inside along with the elastic across the back.

Laying out flat on my pattern table, which gives you an indication of its true dimensions. 

This is my favorite shot in the group.  I do like my closeups.  You can appreciate the grain of the leather, the depth of the rhinestone, the proportions of the star to the peak, the metallic braid which frames it all, and yes more beads.  Its so perfectly girly and hero like, don't you think?


  1. I'll bet there was also dulling spray used by the camera guys to take off some of the glare as well. Wonderful project.

  2. Looks incredible!

  3. Craftsmanship worthy of the original - and quite possibly better.

  4. I have to agree with all of the above. You've done amazing work on this project. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your work and findings.

  5. Thanks all for the kind words, they will help power me up and through the cape no doubt.

  6. do you have the tutorial on video?
    Grat work!! Love it!

    1. Hey CocoFlower - No I am sorry I do not have a tutorial on making this tiara, primarily because I am selling them. I have toyed with the idea of selling a pattern for the bodysuit though....if that happens then no doubt I will be doing tutorials.

  7. How can I buy?

  8. Hey- are you still selling this tiara? If so, how much?


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