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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wonder Woman-A glimpse inside

 Chuck took some more pictures of the Wonder Woman costume the other day.  One of the reference pictures we have is of Lynda Carter holding the suit from a hanger.  This piece of reference revealed some interesting nuggets of information.  It also prompted a desire to photograph the costume in the same way.  For one thing it reveals how much shape is built into the costume.  It also tells us, that although there are suits where the belt is not attached, the suit she owns has an attached belt.  Additionally you can observe a narrow black strip down the princess seam of the back trunks.  This little nugget helps us to understand how they kept the seat of the trunks from riding up on her during her very active lifestyle....boning..Yes it appears as if they placed boning along that seam..that should do the trick alright.
This shows the support that supplies the shape of the bodice.  This attached corset has 1/2" steel boning, under wires and a traditional lift support inside the cup..called a cradle.

Something I want to make clear.  I have not seen the original costume in person.  These construction choices are my best guess based on reference observation and experience.


  1. This post was brought to my attention by a client who found it on the comic book resource forum. Andy Mangles who you will meet below apparently tried to post this information as a comment, but had difficulties doing so. I thought I would post it for him then. Hope you enjoy checking out his site.

    "Her blog is refusing to take comments from me for some reason, so here's what I posted (the second version after the first one got swallowed up):

    Costume looks great, though many details are incorrect.

    I photographed one of the original costumes in minute detail inside and out, and took patterns off it. You can see much more at by clicking on the Mannequin Project.

    I was also (to my knowledge) the only person who interviewed Donfeld about the costume (for Back Issue #5 from TwoMorrows), and while he talks about some different leather being used for some tiaras, he said nothing about the eagle leather. It's definitely leather on the costumes I've handled.

    Also, the back enclosure is indeed hook and eye.

    The boning is definitely not metal, and was only on the bustier.

    And there's lots about the cape on my page as well."

    Thanks for the input Andy, sorry you had difficulty posting, I do moderate my comments but was not notified of any such comment.


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  3. how much ? and how can i get it?

  4. I'm VERY desperate for this EXACT costume!! Do you have any?!

  5. if possible could you tell me what the seasom 2/3 lasso was made of? thank you


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