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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wonder Woman

Today in the studio while watching/listening to Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Dep) I completed the handwork on the base of the Wonder Woman costume.  What this means is that the belt is sewn on, the corset is sewn in, the bodice edge is sewn down etc, etc, etc.  Next its on to sewing the stars.  After the stars I will bead the feathers that spread across the bust, and after the beading more hand sewing of the feather sections onto the base.  It sounds like a lot right, but I am feeling really good about the progress so far.  The proportions are feeling right to me and are Chuck there you have it, as he always get the final word here in the studio.  


Here we have a close up of the beading on the Eagle.  There are 3 different colors of beads, a clear, a gold and a dark bronze.  Each section is gold lame flatted to a base fabric, stitched around the edges and then beaded.
And here we have the lasso of truth as it is attached to the belt.  A gold snap with gold elastic attached to the same lame as the belt.  The lasso itself is gold leather, which is only one of several different types of lassos Wonder Women used.  I can't believe I now know that!
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I am enjoying the project.  Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Fantastic work, one of the best I've seen. One thing I might note is that the belt was only sewn onto the stunt costumes. The belt on Lynda's costume fastened to the feet of the eagle and clasped in back. This is noticed now and then during episodes when she places her hand on her waist and the belt actually pulls away from the red bustier beneath it. Beyond that, you've nailed it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and the insights. I had seen pictures of both belt styles so its interesting to hear that the attached belts were for her stunt costumes. That must be what she and Azarian have then. Interesting...


  3. What is the closure in the back like?


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