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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting all my owls in a row

These are simply to cute right?  These little guys have been on my to do list for at least a year.  Needless to say everytime I picked up my pattern weights they looked dingy and sad, although they never seemed that way to me prior to seeing this idea on the moonstitches blog.  Ah, but once I had seen her adorable adaptation I simply had to have some. It's one of those projects that has been burning a hole in my you know the kind I mean?  I had finally had enough, I ripped open my fabric boxes and started pulling bits and pieces out, then I cut 12 little owls out, and sewed their bodies together.  Each evening for 3 evenings I then completed the handwork on them while watching tv with my husband.  I just set the floss, buttons, rice and weights next to my most comfy chair and really in no time I had 12 fantastic owls gracing my studio and brightening my day.

They make wonderful  weight/studio companions.  I will never be a lonely stitcher again with these guys hanging around.  If you would like to make yourself some you can go to this LINK and she has provided the pattern as well as a wonderful tutorial.  I filled mine with some rice and my old pattern weights, but drapery weights and rice or sand would work as well. 

Did I mention that they would make a fabulous gift for your sewing friends and family?  Think of all the fun and fabulous gift presentations you could come up with....egg crates, nests, etc.

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