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Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter has arrived....brrrr

I just completed posting the new class schedule for January thru April.  All of our classes will be held in the Birchwood Center either in the room we were in for Nov. or the room just across the hall.  But the space sure seems to be working out well for us.  The parking situation is close and the handicap doors make entry with machines and equipment so easy.  For those of you who have not seen the new space here it is prior to your arrival.  We can fit 6 in here comfortably I think.

There is also a nice lunch area with vending machines and a microwave for when we take our lunch break.  Really do we ever actually do that?

There was some confusion over our Friday class schedule so there will be no, I repeat no Friday classes in January, but  we will be offering them in February, March and April.  Please note I will also be taking the month of May off, so there will be no Friday or Saturday classes in May.

Looking forward to seeing you in December, just think of all the Christmas projects you will be able to complete!  The first Saturday in December has been canceled but the other 2 Saturdays are still contenders.

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