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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mad Men Sew Along

Today I have joined a Sew first really.  It caught my attention, because 1st I like the PresserFoot Blog(see blog list at right) who is facilitating this sew along and 2nd..I really enjoy Mad Men.  Although I do not get AMC through my cable I have been able to watch the show thanks to NetFlix.  My husband and I are currently watching season no spoiling please from those of you who get to watch it in real time.  Mad Men is all about adult behavior to a world that has become obsessed with youth and apparently remaining one for as long as possible.... This show reminds us what a rush we used to be in to become adults, the best part...they dress like men and women...wonderful suits and ties, exciting and super fitted dresses....Yeah!

But about this Sew Along..we have our inspiration(what every good design process needs)

Next the pattern is supplied New Look 6968 ( you can download it here) but I picked up my copy at WalMart(sigh) but it was mighty handy.

Today I will alter the pattern which I will post about a little later along with my fabric options. 

Any one else care to join me on this adventure...who couldn't use a classic sheath dress?

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  1. Wow, Lynne! I think this pattern may be JUST the thing I've been looking for ... I'm wondering if my skills are up to the task, but I've been telling all my ladyfriends that if I could find a simple sheath dress pattern, I could make no end of Carnaby St./Mod dresses from it. I doubt I'll have the time to work along, but I'm definitely going to look into that download ... :)


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