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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Current Class Projects

The hardest part about writing these posts for me is the beginning.  Where do I start?  There is so much going on in class how does one choose what to speak about first?  For lack of any better reason its generally what seems to be floating on top( so to speak) that gets mentioned first and then I just file through the stack...I guess. Of course, there is also the picture issue, some of them turn out better then others, and unfortunately sometimes they don't get taken at all when the actual teaching interferes. 

A note about a change in format - I am using a new camera and still trying to figure the best way to transfer.  The best I could manage for this post was to put them all in a Flicker account.  Just click on the links and they should take you to the picture.  The links are in all caps and when you move your cursor over them they should highlight, click and it will open the picture in another window.

 So let's just begin with this color which I just cannot get out of my head. SUN KISSED APRICOT  These fabrics were purchased by Candy on her recent trip to India.  We believe they are a rayon/silk blend. They have a lovely soft hand and drape.  The floral will be used for a tunic like this ONE and the solid will be the traditional easy pant you see worn there quite a bit.  Candy learned how to make a pattern from a garment so that she could replicate a garment she knows she loves and that fits her correctly. 

Chris continued work on his wool jacket.  You might remember that he made himself a wool shirt.  Winter is approaching so he has been working on completing his outdoor ensemble by adding wool pants and a wool  jacket, which he will wear with his merino wool long underwear and previous Pendelton wool shirt.  He made good progress on his jacket ..installing the sleeves and HEMMING.  He bound his sleeves with strips cut on the grain and applied them much like quilt binding.  The wool he used for the binding was quite thin and not only was very effective but added a nice detail with out adding bulk as a traditional cuff or turned hem would have.

Paula continued work on her Sandra Betzina blouse learning how to install the more complex sleeve placket.  She did a marvelous job...her stitching is getting so accurate. 

Sheila altered a shirt pattern by adding a dart and then continuing to alter to fit.  She also had a fitting on a muslin for a raglan sleeve coat.  After seeing the raglan sleeve I think she has decided to look for a pattern with a set in sleeve due to feeling it was a bit "potato sacky"

Our dear Michelle has moved onto Connecticut....sigh.  Elizabeth had a rough week, poor girl, with her dryer, vacuum and TV all failing on her...what a shock to her budget!  She showed up briefly to discuss her next projects and make sure she purchased the correct interfacing's and interlinings for all but then scooted home for a hot drink in her pj's...sigh.  Just when I had given up thinking that Lisa would arrive, she did.  Here is her ROMAN SHADES she spent the afternoon cutting and prepping the valance which will cover the hardware on the mounting board.

We do some very interesting things in class.  I always leaved inspired and eager to make some things as well.

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