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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adventure Boy!

This summer our young friend James joined us for 2 sewing cafe sessions.  You may remember him from last year when he learned how to use the machine and made a mighty fine bean bag toss game.  This year I was notified ahead of time that he wanted to make a Zorro Mask.  Ahh....the joy of boys, they do love their masks and capes and crime fighting heros.  I secretly believe( although I guess the secret is out now) that somehow my husband and James are related, as the first costume request I had from him was also a Zorro costume.  This gave me a decided advantage because I then knew exactly what kind of mask Zorro wears. 

After some very careful sewing on James part we try the mask on. 

 I assist with the tying on.

Once the knot was secure - the thrust and pare' were expertly executed. 

Once the mask was complete we discovered that there was just enough fabric to make the all important cape
The transformation is now complete!  Watch out you fiends and notion stealing villans.  There's a new masked hero to protect us all.  

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