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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Self Paced Sewing in October

I am sorry to report that the Friday sessions in October will not be running, but I encourage you all to spend your Fridays sewing regardless...I know I will be.

 They have found us a larger room which hopefully I will have an opportunity to see this week.  Our upcoming Sat class on the 23rd is currently scheduled in that room and looks good to run.  You will also see a change in the next Nicolet catalog, where the name of my classes has been changed from Self Paced Sewing to Sewing Cafe.  This should make finding the classes easier as they will not be lumped in with the Minocqua classes, and with a new class description hopefully we will encourage some new sewing enthusists to join us. 

Let the fall color inspire your sewing this month, and although we won't be sewing together you can always  post here on the blog to share your projects with us.

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