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Monday, September 20, 2010

A DVD Recomendation

Recently I order a DVD by Claire Shaeffer.  Claire has always been one of my preferred instructors, and she has several excellent books  already out there, along with a line of patterns she sells through Vogue. 

She has released a DVD on Couture Basics  which is fantastic!  It is a 2 disc set which shows Claire doing  hand stitches, knots, and hemming techniques, as well as correct pressing and invaluable tools.  One of the bonuses, is to see these stitches and how they are used in her personal collection of Couture garments.  Now before you start thinking that Couture is over your head....many of the stitches and techniques she demonstrates are ones we use in class.  What a wonderful resource when you are not in class!  It is called Basic Couture for a reason, because it is the foundation for all proper sewing and the techniques can be mastered by beginners, how else do you improve but through the practice of sewing done correctly.

I am so pleased that Claire has done this for all of us.  It goes a long way to preserving a fabulous art form.  The techniques are clearly filmed and expertly explained.  Her generosity and love for the craft is certainly conveyed, along with design room tips from famous couture houses.

  Don't hesitate to pick this up as soon as possible.

  I can only hope she is planning on producing more for us.  After all this does only cover the basics.  I will wait with a hopeful heart.

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