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Monday, November 3, 2008

Some of Lynne's Recent Projects

This purse is a project my daughter started a while back, she chose this fabric for a skirt originally and then decided a purse was what she needed. She got it all cut out, and did a nice job at that, but it has been sitting in her project box in the studio. I stumbled across it during a reorganization of the studio and for some reason amongst all the unfinished projects this one just felt like it needed to be finished. The fabric is simply a quilting cotton interfaced to help it hold its shape. The buttons are some old clear plastic and I could not resist the pom-pom on the zipper pull.

a cowboy shirt...note the stamping...

...and a skirt with felting...

And now a pair of pants from the same fabric

...fabulous bedding worthy of a french chef... and the ensemble is complete!

A wool jersey top


  1. My daughter recently got ger first apartment. We have had great fun in the studio "whipping' up some bedding for her from the left over odds and ends we have about. I like to give a special thanks to Pat for gifting me with some wonderful Amy Butler fabrics that we used to make the large quilted pillow. The exotic flower pillow is also from Amy Butler, at least the pattern is. The wild stripe print was purchased at Karen's. Maybe Sule will send us some more pictures once they are in New York. I still have a dust ruffle to stay posted.

  2. ill post pictures when the dust ruffle arrives!!

  3. Now about the skirt - This skirt will soon be seen as a pattern by Williams Studio 2. It is made from a lovely wool flannel in "oregano" purchased from Sawyer Brook. My good friend and helper Peg has already made a wonderful jacket from this same fabric, and I have plans to make a pair of pants and a vest yet. The skirt is quick and easy to make, with a yoke and a full A-line skirt. I love the "tipped" hem.
    I have been wanting to do more needlefelting since my "Snowflake Coat" and felt this bird and flower motif from Heart to Hand was just the thing. Hopefully you will see me wearing it soon as I replace the defective zipper that is. This skirt was part of my Sew with a Plan wardrobe. A class I tought at Karens on how to build a cohesive wardrobe.
    Our classmate Paula has made this skirt up in two different fabrics, a lovely creme Tencel, and a khaki cotton. Pictures soon to follow.

  4. Cowboy Shirt - I have a real love affair with nostaligic western clothing. This shirt is also part of my Sew with a plan wardrobe. It started out with a very vague idea. I got the very narrow piping done, which was made with some narrow nylon shade cord I had around covered with quilting cotton picked up once again from our local savior Karen, and then fell out of love with the whole project - it happens - Then one day determined to finish what I start I put it on a dressform to stare at it, while I worked. Always a good distraction for me! I came upon the idea of stamping on it, and I am really pleased with the results. The pattern for this shirt came from some pattern software I purchased from Wild Ginger which prints patterns according to your measurements...pretty fun but this pattern still needs some tweaking before I'm 100% with it.
    Tell me what you think?

  5. The Wool Jersey top is part of my Sew with a Plan wardrobe. It's Butterick #3344 view E. This top went together in a evening, always very satisfying. The wool jersey was a remnant I picked up from my very first visit to Ginnys Fine Fabrics in Rochester MN. A fabulous fashion fabric store, with a wonderful staff. I plan on making more of these tops, my husband loved it!

  6. Today I finished Sule's dust ruffle. I will mail this out to her this week, so we should be seeing pictures of the whole ensemble shortly. Sweet dreams sweetie.

  7. These pants are also part of my sew with a plan wardrobe, and I am very pleased with them. They are made from the same oregano wool flannel that the skirt is made from. I started with a Vogue pattern, and with some slight alterations acheived an attractive fit. I love the tab and button detail which is replicated on the front pockets as well. I am eager to make a pair out of denim now, and they could easily be adapted to a low rise style. A special thanks to my husband for helping with the fitting process, he takes direction well, and has a good eye for drape and balance.

  8. What I liked about this project...always satisfying to make somthing for someone you love. Also - I trimmed the bottom of the bedskirt using leftover scraps of the Amy Butler fabric that was given to me. I cut the strips 2 x 3-5" sewed them into one long strip and then sewed that to the hem and sides of each skirt panel. For my next trick...futon cover, placemats, or curtains?


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