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Friday, November 7, 2008

Learn to sew silk camisole

This silk camisole is a Williams Studio 2 pattern, I apologize for the picture quality but our brave and industrious friend Paula is currently making this camisole, without ever having seen it! She has a lovely piece of orange silk to make it from, which will make a nice accent color for her "Sew with a plan" wardrobe. Today in class she got it all cut out, and at the rate she is sewing these days, we can all look forward to seeing it very soon.

To the right here we have a better and more recent view of the silk Camisole which was made 3" longer for a client who wanted the hem to peak out underneath her blouse.
The complete ensemble can be seem on the bar at the far right.This silk is 32mm 4 ply. An extremely beautiful weight and lustre don't you think?

Here we have the back view of the same camisole


  1. paula's orange silk is delicious! as soon as i saw it, i wanted to eat it right up like a dreamsicle bar. and, lynne helped her cut the pieces so carefully to get all the pieces for the camisole out of only just one yard. (though i was convinced she had enough scraps left over to make a ball gown for a wonder woman doll.) i can't wait to see the finished product--paula's dreamsicle camisole.

  2. On Friday Paula worked on her silk camisole. She has a dauntless spirit sewing without instructions, and patiently waiting for my guidance. She made her first french seams...beautiful. The silk is a bit "squirrly" and requires some patience to work with but the results are well worth the care taken.

  3. The official word, curse word that is......"Charmeuse" Paula has not enjoyed sewing on this fabric, but we are hoping she will enjoy wearing it. She completed her cami on Friday just needing to sew some buttons on where the strap joins to the front. So the good news about this project is that it is short with the sweet part under debate. It requires a lot of skill to work with this fabric, and I think this cami project is a wonderful initiation into expanding that skill level. I suspect it will be a while before Paula wants to tackle it again but I know she will eventually. Challanging ourselves is one of the wonderful aspects of sewing.


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