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Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Man George


George has made a lot of progress on his dress shirt. Stand back and be amazed! He appears to be having a great time playing with the stripe placement on his shirt. How fun is this pocket, did you notice it has a flap!

Check out the Chevron on the back shirt Yoke!

This Friday George learned how to make a french seam, a sleeve placket, and setting a shirt sleeve. Next week cuffs and a perfectly rolled collar. Can't wait.

Currently though he is tackling a mans dress shirt from a cotton stripe. He is learning about pattern alteration to fit his athletic form, having to blend between sizes to accommodate his new workout routine. His cutting and marking are all done and sew the fun begins. George has a great attitude toward his sewing, he likes to take his time, and is always looking to gain a new skill with each project. With all of Georges projects expect the unexpected, he always adds an extra dose of creativity and I am looking forward to seeing what he adds to this seemingly basic shirt.

Here is George with his vest and the famous welt pockets.

What about George? George finished his second vest this one out of a khaki corduroy. The corduroy had some spandex in it and this created a new challenge...learning how to manipulate and feed a stretch fabric under the foot.


  1. We love men who sew! This vest was made using a micro suede following a Burda pattern. I believe that this is only his third sewing project ever! Impressive! George is still wanting to add some bronze snaps he found at Joann's but we need the setting tool. He is currently working on another vest from the same pattern but this time adding a lapel and using a fine wale corduroy. More pictures are sure to follow.

  2. This Saturday George continued working on his corduroy vest. He really likes the added detail of the lapel, and is doing a fine job on working with a slightly troublesome fabric. His corduroy has spandex in it so he is learning how to compensate for the stretching that wants to occur. I appreciate the " method to his madness" in that he likes repeating his patterns until he fully understands how to do all the steps. He feels the repetition helps him to remember how to do the steps, but also improves his skills for those tasks. Smart thinking. A designer I am quite fond of by the name of Diane Erickson feels that once you have mastered the pattern is when you can really start being creative with it. Check out her web-site at


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