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Friday, November 7, 2008

In todays class

The weekend of the 23rd we settled into 2 whole days of sewing together! We planned cushions for Joanne, while Joel completed his first pair of pajama pants. The pj's turned out well, but Joel feels next time he will make them a little roomier. The best way to know if you are getting the amount of ease you like to have is by measuring a garment you have and like, then you can compare the ease amounts to your pattern. Elizabeth finished her robe, and some shorts, and then layed out a little silk jacket. Michelle worked on her "frayed jacket" a project she started this summer at a retreat. This required some quilting, and sewing up the lining. George has discovered that he loves working with stripes, and what fun it is to see him patiently match, chevron, and just play with them, all while learning the basics of shirt making! Paula finished one full length wool coat, and dug into another 3/4 length coat in a winter white cashmere. Kathy C. modeled her wool ensemble, and then did some pattern alteration and cutting. Kathy D. altered a jacket pattern and made a muslin to check the fit. Liz took a break from quilting to make her granddaughters some very cute corduroy jumpers. I run around and do a lot of "oohhhing" and "ahhing" and assuring them all they are doing the right thing. Thanks to Paula and Kathy C. for some wonderful treats.

There is never a boring moment with our wonderful sewing group. This Friday we sewed a quilt, a shirt, a coat, a purse, a robe, pajama pants, a slinky top, and fixed a zipper, and accomplished a tricky hem job on some ready made pj pants. All while laughing, groaning, encouraging and helping one another. Is there anything we can't tackle? I think not! All of this in -30 degrees!


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  1. The secret is out! - This bit of silk in the fore ground is indeed a lining to Elizabeths 1st dress. She made incredible progress on this project over her friday and sat session. Elizabeth chose a Sew Easy pattern for her first dress, but having already developed a love for fine fabrics she chose a red silk dupion to craft it from. Now this may sound a bit outragous - Silk for a 1st dress!- but the beauty of silk dupion is it's crisp finish which makes it rather easy to sew with it. Coupled with being guiding thru every step to minimize "resews" its a doable choice. Elizabeth managed to get her lined bodice sewn together, and the pleats basted into her skirt. She tells me she is looking forward to learning how to make french seams to make her garment look as lovely on the inside as it does on the outside. Nice work Elizabeth, its a joy to have you in class.


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