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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fitting Workshop by Fabulous Fit

Just received this notification in my inbox and how could I not share it with you all. 
 The price is right at $69.00 and it seems a great opportunity to learn about how to create proper ease amounts in your clothing or costumes without sacrificing style. 

Saturday August 24th from 2-3:30pm (eastern time)

Below is a excerpt from their site about the workshop

Universal Fitting Solutions is designed to help you with your day to day fitting challenges
If you have a passion for sewing, and yearn to make clothes that fit, you’ll save money, time, and avoid tedious fittings with this workshop.  By applying a few simple principles to your fitting routine, you will teach your hands and your eyes to connect, which will change the way your clothes look and feel.

If your goal is to overcome your fitting challenges, or get a professional insight on fitting, the ”Universal Fitting Solutions” workshop is for you!  Sewing is a passion, and using your skills to create fabulous clothes is just amazing!

The great thing about our live workshop is that you can ask the questions; as we believe that the best way to learn is to ask, discuss and share with others.

Things that may appear difficult at first will be approached from a different perspective.  Fitting clothes becomes easy when you know the rules of cause and effect. You will learn how fabric falls and how your clothes can move with you. “Universal Fitting Solutions” is an eye opener for anyone who wants to create clothes that fit and move with ease.

Here is the link to learn more and sign up.

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