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Thursday, July 4, 2013

66' Replica to Cosplay Batman Cowl Comparison

66' Batman Cowls Unite

Assortment of 66 Batman Cowls with flash photography

Chuck says " One of these things is not like the others"  

Assortment of 66 Batman Cowl with out flash photography

Can you spot the 66' Replica Cowl in these pictures?
The third one from the left is our replica made from the same fabric as the original . 
 The other 3 are are our Cosplay cowls made from Satin Spandex.

Replica and Cosplay 66 Batman Cowls

The replica cowl (3rd from the right) still needs its flaps and ears while the Cosplay cowls are ready for  the paint dept (Chucks studio). 
 The Cosplay cowl has a faced front flap, not as authentic as the Replica but a nice clean finish.  
The light blue swatches of fabric on the flap covers the Velcro to protect from snags.

So while Chuck is painting tomorrow I will be sewing flaps, ears, and a banana:)
Hopefully everything will go smoothly and these beauties will be flying out of the studio shortly.


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