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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hand Quilted Book/Notebook cover

Recently I was asked to make a quilted book/notebook cover for a friend, by her daughter, as an anniversary gift.
Still with me - lol

This quilted cover is for a reference bible and holds a notebook, pen and highlighter as well.  It zips around the edges so you don't lose any notes or additional reference material you may need to stash.

This is the front of the cover when its neatly zipped.

This is the back of the cover, where I highlighted a different part of the print.

After cutting out the pattern pieces and sandwiching batting between the layers I sit down to some good old fashioned hand quilting.
I use embroidery floss in complimentary colors and just stitch wherever my heart desires.
It was nice to think about my friend and her many lovely qualities as I stitched.  
Can people feel the love in a hand stitched / hand made item?

Hurray - now you can see the coordinating lining fabric:)  
You can also see the pocket on the back of the cover that holds a notebook and pens.
It's roomy enough to hold a songbook as well...just say'n.

I slipped my Bible into the finished cover to make sure I had not made it to tight....a common issue of mine.
The "pocket" that holds the Bible/book into the cover can of course also hold additional items as well...say your study article or reference material.

This is a great grab and go item.  
For the park, or a waiting room, etc
I can do a little reading or some in depth studying sitting outside or while waiting for the car to be tuned up.

Do organizational items like this appeal to you or do you prefer to simply throw everything into a bag and go?


  1. How cute! My poor old boring black bible cover is falling apart but this is a much cuter option than I could ever find in the store! I like having all of my bible stuff together in one place so I can just grab and go. Plus, then I never forget anything.

    1. You should really make yourself one. It's fun to sew up and satisfying every time I use it.

  2. I like to have a cover for my personal reading and have used a variety of fabrics etc. I love the zippered pouch for a study guide and references. Pretty too!

  3. It's gorgeous! I love the fabric! And, yes I do love organizational items, but tend to throw things into a bag after a few days of being organized!

    1. Thanks Angela, I purchased a few fabric options for the client and she chose this particular one for her mom....sweet right? As for being organized take your method and apply it to my closets - lol.

  4. What a perfectly lovely and thoughtful gift! Yes, I treasure any handmade item given to me... particularly handmade by a loved one. Your friend is going to be thrilled!

  5. Hey, I have the same Bible! ... Great idea for a cover and a beautiful gift. Plus hello dear sister from your fellow sister in Australia (who also loves to sew). Now I'm off to prep my Jasmine blouse fabric after being inspired by your blog....


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