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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Denim Floor Mats

Today I made a bra for my mother....which I cannot share with you....because that just seems a little weird, but once that was done I completed a project that has been kicking around in the back of my head for years....literally.  
Do you have projects like that?  

This one began with an article in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  Before the regular use of the internet I would clip articles out of magazines and file them...yes I know...file them under subject.  

This article went into my home dec. file and was for making a rug using strips of denim from old jeans and was described like this :
 "This fluffy rug, so welcoming to bare feet, is made from hundreds of strips of denim. The frayed edges in shades of blue, gray and white create subtle modulations in color"
Denim Fringe Floor Mat from recycled jeans

Not being sure if I would like it enough to sew "hundreds" of denim strips to make an entire floor rug, I opted to try it out on a few floor mats for the back of our jeep.

My floor mats measure 18 x 20 and required 3 pant legs each. 

Torn denim strips
These are so easy to make and so worth the mindless sewing.  Put some good music on, invite a friend over or watch an old movie while you stitch denim strips...for that matter do all three.  

Denim floor mat in situ:)
We are in total rug love here in the studio.....seriously Chuck wants them in our bathroom because it is "welcoming to bare feet"  Peg is ripping jeans as I type( no doubt) to make some as gifts for the kids, and I am mesmerized by the " subtle color modulation" 

Do you "file" projects or "pin" ?

Have you completed any stalled projects lately? 


  1. I LOVE this! Love love love! I wonder how many old jeans I can sacrifice........

  2. Wow, do I love this. I just found your blog and had fun looking back. But I want to make this for my daughter's dorm room for this fall. I just need some jeans!

  3. Glad to have you with us Shams:) I have a friend who plans on making one for her daughter from the ex-son in laws jeans - lol Her thinking is that her daughter will relish wiping her feet on that mat...and I think she may be right about that.

    1. lolol. I asked some of my sewing pals if they had any castoff jeans. I received 2 blue pair and two black. It's a start!

  4. That looks great - very inspiring. I'm a little unclear on how to assemble the rug. It looks as though you sewed all of the strips onto a piece of fabric, yes? Do you have any advice about what fabric to use, and how to sew them on? (I'm not a regular sewer, obvs :) ).


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