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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Congrats to Adam West - Our Favorite Caped Crime Fighter

Had to share this!

Adam West just received a star on Hollywood Blvd.  

Congratulations Adam!

We are honored as well to see our Replica Batman Cowl there as well.  

Thanks to our client Scott Sebring for representing:)

We have now been making these cowl for over 6 years and have had the pleasure of mailing them out all over the world to fans of the 66 Batman TV show.  

If you are not familiar with the series or have not seen it since its original airing in 1966 enjoy this first episode "Hi Diddle Riddle" and learn what "camp" is all about.


  1. I recently saw a video link about a fellow wearing a Batman costume on his way to a philanthropic event - he was pulled over by the cops (I think it was about his Batman license plate) & the cops were rather say the least!

    He said his costume was made by a pro, & I though of you, of course...was that your work?

    1. not sure Jilly be.....I do know that a number of the guys visit children's hospitals to visit the kids which is a wonderful way to get out and about in their costumes I think.

    2. That's exactly what he was doing....
      Kind of cool after story:

  2. That is awesome Lynne, congratulations!


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