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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Student Progress - Chris

There is never a dull moment in the studio thanks to all my students.  
They bring projects into my life that challenge and engage me.  Isn't that the best?

Chris and his family will soon be heading off into the woods of Wi. for one year with 26 other familys!
Chris will be teaching them how to live in our rather harsh, but beautiful environment.
With the prospect of this trip in his future Chris decided to make a sleeping bag that would accommodate he and his wife...after all one year is along time to sleep in separate mummy bags

We used his one person bag as our inspiration and drafted a pattern that made it twice the size.
The fabrics were all ordered on line including the insulation material, zippers, elastic cord and toggles.  A day of pattern drafting and cutting and 2 days of sewing has resulted in this amazing accomplishment.  I am looking forward to hearing how it preformed.
Chris has plans to make some flannel sheets which will  button in as well.

Intrigued?  Learn more about the event at Teaching Drum 

Would you be interested/willing to live outside in the Northwoods of Wi. for any length of time?
are you like me...a lover of hot water and central heating?


  1. I'm with you! I need to be somewhere with flushing toilets and hot showers.

  2. I would have gone for a year long adventure in my 20's....before kids...but! I like the 2 person bag tho. We have my parents old 2 person bag from the 1950's. It's extremely heavy, but always keeps us warm. And it has removable flannel sheets for warmer weather.


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