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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upcoming classes

Nicolet just confirmed the Friday sessions of Self Paced Sewing starting on the 5th at 9am or 1pm.  Thanks to all of those who signed up in time.  There is still room for 2 more people in the 9-5 session and room for 4 more people in the 1-5 session.  Remember though that you can no longer sign up in class, you must be on my roster by at the 4th.

They have also confirmed Nov. 6th and we have room for 3 more in Self Paced and 3 more in Learn to sew, or the afternoon session if you cannot join us for the full day.

There has been a classroom change which the school should be notifying you about.  They are moving us to the Birchwood Center room 105.  The Birchwood center is the very last building on the campus, past the library.  You will see it off to your left, the parking is limited but quite close, we are on the main floor, and I believe there are handicap doors there.  As always feel free to park in front of the building to unload, and then move your car to available parking.

See you in November.

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