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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Story Board Design Challange

I know , I know you have not heard from me in ages...simply ages.  The good news is that the Super Hero Business over at Williams Studio 2 is keeping us very busy.  The bad news, less time for personal sewing and a lot less time for blogging about personal sewing.

In an effort though to expand my horizons I have decided to enter a design challenge for the ASE this coming September. 
 Step 1 - Story Board - Check!
Step 2 - Sketches
Step 3 - Pattern/ drape final design
Step 4 - the wind...and between costumes

I have not had the pleasure of creating a story board in quite a while.  This was fun and after all the musing only required an hour of my time to produce.  

Have any of you ever entered sewing or design contests?
Any recommendations, suggestions or warnings? - lol

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