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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunshine 2012 Award

Yes Please, bring on that sunshine!

Who doesn't love sunshine?

I am honored to have been gifted this award by Caroline at Handmade by Caroline.  A very talented sewist and photographer from Perth Australia.  Thanks Caroline, you're a dear:)

Receiving this award caused me to think a lot about sunshine and how important it is in my life.  When I think of home I think of sunshine.  When I think of health I think of sunshine.  When I think about the ones I love I think of sunshine.  
The world is a happier place when bathed in the light of the sun on a summer day.
This is an image of the orange groves in Redlands CA, my "home" town.  A beautiful spot surrounded by majestic mountains and bathed year round in plenty of sunshine.  The perfect climate for oranges, avocados, figs and pomegranates.  
The sunshine award requires me to answer a series of questions and interestingly I found many of them tied into my love for sunshine, so let's proceed.....

Favorite Color
butter yellow linen available at

Butter Yellow, the color or filtered sunlight.
There has always been at least one room in my living space that painted this color.

Favorite Animal

A horse of course. 
 Since we all cannot own Trigger or for that matter ride like Roy Rogers.... 

That's me holding the goat (Gertrude) with my friends on a summer day in Redlands.  The pinto pony on the far left taught me how to ride.  Her name was Sunshine.....right, the colt next to her we named Sultan, and he was the same golden color as Trigger just less famous, but no less fun.  The blonde girl in the center, my best friend Lisa.  We rode and sewed together:)

Favorite number...honestly???

Favorite Non Alcoholic beverage.

Fresh Lemonade of course....another product from the sun.

Facebook or Twitter ....

Facebook or Twitter - Facebook hands down and it's a good thing I didn't have to choose between Facebook and Pinterest.  Twitter is to impersonal and commercial for me.  Click on the logo above and it will take you to my fb business page.  Be sure to like me to get blog updates there.

My passion....I think we already covered this one....horses, sewing, crafting and family. Not necessarily in that order - lol

Getting or Giving Presents .....

wrapping paper using fabric and your copy machine- pic links to info
 Silly question how can you compare the two?  They are both so satisfying.  Maybe a better question would be large gifts or small?  It is the small tokens of love that we give and receive that mean the most to me.

Favorite pattern ....

The pattern of behavior set out for us in the scriptures.  
If all of us could follow the pattern that Jesus set for us....think of how much sunshine we would share in our lives.

Favorite Day of the Week.....

Available on Etsy at Barn Owl Primitives - the pic is linked

Any day the sun shines and it's above 70 is my favorite day of the week.  Surprised?
Remember the Beatles tune?  How many songs can you think of that use Sunshine as a theme?

Favorite Flower......
poppies & posies events blogspot - the pic is linked
With so much variety how could you choose one?  I like them in clusters with a touch of wild abandon:)

Favorite Celeb/ role model....

pic links to more information.  Please join us at your local Kingdom Hall

Like I said before....trying to follow his example daily.

Now it's time to spread some sunshine around.....

Frabjous Couture - sewist and creative example
The nest effect - help getting organized
The Little Red Squirrel - sewist and knitter extrodernaire
Poppies & Posies - Flowers and art to inspire and beautify your life and big events.

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