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Friday, March 9, 2012

My super sized week

 Can you guess what I am sewing up?  It was a fun few days in the studio creating an over sized but under sized article of clothing for a mystery man.

 Well now you's a super sized fishing hat....of course

 Say what?  
My ex-husband asked me to make this gigantic fishing hat for a mascot he created for his company Pier of d'Nort.  He has an upcoming convention and wants to make a splash (so to speak) so he has created a large figure of a man named Pierre....of course.  Every fisherman needs a fishing hat right?

 The crown is 21" in diameter. 
 The side band is 12" tall with a head circumference of 80"
 The brim is 7" wide

It is constructed out of shower liner fabric to be water repellent and is fully self lined.
The lining has been interfaced with fusible craft interfacing.
The face fabric has been interfaced with fusible batting.
I am really pleased with the body these options provided,  It holds any shape you care to give it. Standing proud, or my favorite, looking rumpled.

 I managed to grab this picture when I delivered the hat.
 Although this hat is large it is meant to be small for Pierre's head.
 The crew at Pier of d'Nort was in the process of painting and assembling Pierre when I arrived.
This project was a fun change of pace from wedding season alterations and bat capes and reminded me of this job......

a 30 ft tall pant leg for "Honey I Blew up the Kid" which was my final job in Los Angeles before leaving for the North Woods of Wisconsin.  This pant leg is made from 1" fake fur channel quilted to replicate corduroy.  Cotton laundry line was used for the top stitching and a brilliant soft sculpture artist(Bill Bryant) created that incredible shoe.

Now it's back to all things batman:)
Have you ever sewn any super sized items?


  1. Oh How fun! I have never done anything like that. I would be soooo skeered! It looks great :)

  2. At what size point can you no longer describe an item as cuuuuuute?! ;-D

    1. Apparently it's a larger size point than one would have thought. How can we use this knowledge?

  3. I am awestruck! And don't you look cute in your own cap and fingerless gloves!

  4. Thanks Mary:) I am always cold and these accessories are my attempt at battling that. That is my first crochet beanie and now I can't stop crocheting...

  5. That is seriously awesome! Even cute! But Pierre is a little freaky! Is he going to be able to eat stuff? Fish? Small children?


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