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Monday, July 6, 2009

Gift a Dress to Someone Special

Of course one of our favorite things to do with our talents is make beautiful clothes for those we love. Its a special pleasure to make a well fitting garment for someone. They have truly comfortable clothing on that helps make them shine, and we get to "look" at our work at leisure. When you think about it when you make things for yourself its like art work you don't really get to see, but when you make something for someone else your art work is displayed for you to further enjoy!

Elizabeth recently completed this dress for her mother to wear to a wedding, and I am told it was very well received. An added benefit was how comfortable the cotton was in the extreme heat. So while many of the other guests were melting in beaded poly satin (no doubt) Elizabeth's mom maintained her cool comfortable composure. A priceless gift indeed.

To a job well done Elizabeth!

And a beautiful fit from measurements only!
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