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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pegs jackets

Its another quilted jacket! As many of you already know this last summer we had a mini sewing retreat at Betty's. She provided a lovely cabin in the woods while we all toiled away on the "Frayed Jacket Pattern" If you scroll thru the archives you will see Michelle's, and Bettys. Now we have Pegs, which was completed quite awhile ago, but has just taken me this long to get the pictures taken....and posted. I just love how different they all turned out. Truly one of the many joys of sewing for yourself is getting it just the way you want it in form and feature. Nice job as usual Peg!

Next we have a silk Jacket made from a Claire Schaffer pattern by Vogue. She calls it her Channel Jacket. The instructions for these patterns are very precise and complete and really help you to acheive the results you see here. Enlarge the image and you will see some hand knotted buttons that Peg made for this special garment. Currently Peg is working on a skirt to go with this to wear to her sons graduation. Won't she look smart?

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