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Monday, April 13, 2009

Marches Progress

March proved to be a little quiet! The weather is just so impossibly depressing in March that motivation is hard to find. But needless to say we persevered.

Liz worked on a "Spitzen Tote" by yours truly, and enjoyed it so much she started another one!

Nancy completed her roman shades. Stay tuned for coming pictures, as I plan to go help her install them soon.

Ambitious Paula made the denim jacket you see here from a Sawyer Brook Fabric and a Vogue Pattern. I spoke about this jacket in an earlier post mentioning its 24 pieces, which always seems a bit overwhelming when you are cutting and marking. But what a payoff! All those pieces created a well fitted shapely fun and useful jkt. This jkt will fit in so well, with her other "Sew with a Plan" pieces. To refresh you memory you can refer back to the earlier post. Now we did find some mistakes in the pattern directions! As I recall they instructed you to sew the zipper in upside down, but once discovered not difficult to fix.

Paula also completed this jersey wrap blouse from a Sandra Betzina pattern. This is an unusual pattern but quite fun as it can be worn with the wrap in the front or the back. You see it here wrapped to the back. Another boon to this pattern is it can be completed in a day, a full day mind you. After sewing a 24 piece jacket a quick blouse is just the project Paula needed.

Our dear Elizabeth is going to have an amazing spring/summer wardrobe. She has made herself another lovely and practical dress. She has begun another dress from this same pattern, which we look forward to seeing soon.

Even I managed to finish a vintage houndstooth jkt which I am thrilled with.

April is off to a great start, we took a break over the Holiday but will return to duty this week.

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