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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zipper - How I came to love sewing with Zippers

Time is a precious commodity and must be used wisely.

 I recently reactivated my account at Pattern Review because I needed some sewing motivation and now I find myself back to blogging in order to do more sewing?  Well if one wants to post pictures to share with fellow sewists....having a blog is useful.  A great place to track progress, post pictures and create some accountability.  Somehow during my hiatus I lost track of this fact, so we go.  I will need to keep it short and sweet because....time is precious and my job requires more of my attention than ever before.

Speaking of needing Zipper, my new puppy, a toy fox terrier.

She makes me move away from the sewing machine throughout the day, and provides lots of good kisses and sweet attention.   A client nervously asked if she had chewed anything up yet...I replied "not that she isn't supposed to" and that was true until a few days ago when she created a hole in my ripple quilt.....sigh, but its mended now and good as new.

Next up....the progress on my Alabama Chanin top and the start of a Chanel Jacket courtesy of the wonderful Claire B.Shaeffer


  1. Nice to see you back Lynne. Really looking forward to seeing your Chanel jacket.

    1. thank you :) Currently trying to figure out what color to do the buttonholes's a difficult choice with this particular fabric. Also need to dig out my camera, as I have not mastered taking pictures with my phone-lol


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