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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Silky Alpaca Harbor Beach Wrap on my needles

Thought I would share my current knitting project with you all.
This is my first time knitting with a lace's very fine!  
Which makes it very lovely and very difficult to see.....drat these aging eyes.

This is the Harbor Beach wrap by designer Tonia Barry as featured in Classic Elites Summer Breeze pattern series.

#2466 Midnight Forest
 The recommended yarn is Silky Alpaca by Classic Elite
It is a blend of silk and alpaca in a lace weight and I chose this color Midnight Forest.
I am knitting this for my mom, to complement  her new coat purchase which is a boiled wool in green
(unless they are out of stock, in which case it will be navy) either color should suit this palette nicely.
  This is a suprise for "mums the word".

The Pattern is simple enough really but...requires careful attention as it is easy to pick up two stitches, or the stitch below, or who knows where that stitch came from.....Arghh.
So not a slapdash project and the jury is still out on whether its worth the frustration.
I should have tried this when I was much younger and my eyes much sharper.

Had to throw in another progress shot. 
 Coming off the needles it measures about 10"
After blocking the pattern states it will measure 15"......
We will see Rabbit, we will see...

Have any of you knitted lace?  Love it, or Hate it?

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  1. It's the color! I've never knitted with lace yarn. I have old eyes too....


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