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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Slipcover to beat all.

This tired tattered chair has been given a new life by my student Lisa.
Lisa is fairly new to sewing and quite honestly when she brought me this project I was frightened for her.  Sewing was a new skill for her when she learned how to take a pattern off of this existing slipcover.  She made a number of pillows, and two roman shades while her sister shopped for a fabric she liked for the new slipcover.

More fear ensued when I saw the chosen fabric.  A heavy upholstery weight which I knew her borrowed domestic kenmore would struggle to sew.  Not to mention my fears that Lisa would lose patience and get discouraged....after all this is a large chair, with a lot of cording....

I had no need to fear though.  Lisa has excellent fine motor skills and a great deal of patience especially for such a young woman.  She perservered with nary a complaint or tear.  Allthough she did buy herself a beautiful new Viking machine which handled the bulk quite well.  I understand though that she did end up having to hand sew the skirt to the body of the slipcover because the bulk would not allow her to stitch close enough to the cording.  Yes you heard me right...she hand sewed the two together through the bulk...her little fingers must be pretty blistered.

I am so impressed and excited for her.  Check out her sisters newly slipcovered chair

Please let Lisa know your impressions by commenting below.

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  1. I am so impressed with this! I have wanted to make a slip cover for an awkward chair forever but have been too scared! WAY TO GO LISA!


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