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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surviving shirt making

For this project I feel like a drum roll is in order.....can you hear it?  Our new student Chris has completed his button down shirt!  I am most impressed with his progress, his work ethic, and his focus to name a few.  This shirt is by Kwik Sew #2000 and because a picture is worth a 1000 words just take a gander at these:

This is his first shirt ever and he did some very smart things to insure a successful garment.

  1.  he took the class - ha ha,
  2.  he did on-line research as well as purchased and read shirtmaking by David Page Coffin. 
  3.  3rd he practiced techniques that he thought might prove difficult, for instance, the collar, sleeve placket and buttonholes.  

By taking the time to do these things he not only improved his sewing skills but it allowed him to understand the steps prior to working on his "good" shirt.

  So what all did he learn on this one shirt?

  1. How to choose the correct pattern size
  2. How to alter the pattern for his desired fit
  3. Tracing the pattern
  4. The importance of grain line
  5. Correct pinning, marking and cutting
  6. Shirt yoke
  7. Collar and front placket
  8. Patch pockets
  9. "flat felled" seams
  10. Sleeve plackets
  11. Cuffs
  12. Narrow hem
  13. Buttons and buttonholes                                                     

Its not to surprising that Chris was such a fine student, after all he is a teacher himself.  His desire to learn shirt making stems from his need for suitable outdoor clothing for his job teaching survival skills here in the North woods.  His next shirt will be from wool, that is after he has "tweaked" this pattern to his complete satisfaction.  Apparently due to the many layers worn out in the woods the fit of each layer is critical to comfort and survival.  I am looking forward to his future projects.  Great work Chris!

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