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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May's Projects

Liz has been a very busy lady completing projects before her busy summer begins. 

    She completed this Bright and Fun Quilt recently in class.


I love the top quilting choice she made using the loops and stars. She also opted for a thicker batting to help add some dimension.

With the left over scraps she made another "Spitzen Tote" from Williams Studio 2. Because the fabrics are so vibrant she didn't feel that it required much embellishment. I think the colorful buttons are a wonderful choice.
Liz recently returned from the Quilt show in Paducah, which she recommends whole heartily. She brought back a project...hmmm....imagine that...She is making a purse using scraps of fabrics and laundry line, yes you heard me right laundry line. In this project you take narrow strips of fabric and wrap them around cotton laundry line, which you then coil and zig zag into the desired shape. What fun! We are all looking forward to see the finished results. This is the same technique that Michelle used to make her delightful cat beds, which her cats actually sleep in and which you can see under an earlier post entitled Sunchelle's projects.

Next Mary brought in her scrappy quilt with Boxers that she made for a raffle. The proceeds will go the Boxer Rescue Society. Each block has a silhouette of a boxer fused and then stitched. I suspect that some Boxer fan will bid high to win this prize.

We only had Elizabeth with us a short time as she had a work commitment in the morning that kept her from joining us until late in the afternoon. But she made the most of her time, using our high cutting tables to cut out a lovely cotton wrap dress she is making for her mother. Elizabeth finds cutting and marking very soothing and relaxing, so while we enjoyed her company she did some productive decompressing.

Michelle has started on a summer tunic from a butter yellow embroidered cotton. After checking her measurements against the patterns she made a minor adjustment and proceeded to get her tunic cut and marked as well. As I recall she even began sewing and I imagine the next time we see her she will be wearing the tunic. But Michelle if you are reading this... no pressure.
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