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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Joanne's Projects

The week of the 23rd Joanne put aside her glittery top to tackle a project for her daughter. She is making new cushions for her outdoor furniture from Sunbrella fabric a wonderful weather and mildew resistant product. The colors reminded us all of the sea, which in our current winter weather was a feast for our eyes as well as our imaginations. She got the cushion sections all cut out in class and is planning on preparing the zipper sections prior to class this Friday. Then she will have 56 yds of piping to make. Projects like these are great for class time, the good conversation is a nice diversion from some of the more tedious tasks.

Currently Joanne after having whipped out some warm and wonderful fleece tops is adding some glitz to her life, and by extension ours as well. She is creating a blouse from a glittered slinky fabric. The top has a cowl neckline a shirred hem and a keyhole sleeve. Sounds very intriguing yes? So stay posted to catch pictures of the finished product. Wow! What a tremendous project. This fur jacket started out life as a cape and Joanne decided to make it into a jacket. She created sleeves and a front placket, added slash pockets and.....dyed a wool sweater to create an interior zip front and squall sleeve cuffs! It has been a another labor of love as this fur garment had belonged to a family member. Now of course it is very fashionable to re purpose garments ( the very green thing to do) but this project was started many years before all of that proving that practicality and using what you have has always been the right thing to do for many people. Joanne showed a lot of perseverance with this project but she learned how to make a lining pattern, create a squall cuff, dye wool, create a false placket, sew on leather, make pockets, etc. Our thanks to Livalips for taking this picture with her phone, and again Congratulations on a job very well done!

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