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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mad Cowl Disease

Chuck calls this picture "The Birthing"  The birthing of 8 fiberglass forms which after much care and attention will grow up to be full fledged Bat Cowls.

So this is what all the stink is about...literally!  Chuck has been putting a lot of hours in molding, cleaning and trimming these baby's.  Over the past two weeks, whenever I leave the studio he would start casting.  The smell is pretty unbearable and requires that he has the air scrubber going and his ventilation mask on, but he does not like subjecting me to the residual fumes.

 The cowl covers have all been cut out and are now ready for me to sew them all up.

Once they are sewn and pressed very carefully, Chuck applies them to the fiberglass form.

Once the form is covered I sew the ears on, along with the front flaps, snaps and label.

Then they go back into Chuck's studio to be painted

This is a completed Cowl, ready for its new home and happy family....

...and here is Chuck aka Batman telling us WE are not serious.  The nerve! 

More on this project later bat fans, so stay tuned for our next installment, "How to make your husband happy with a cape and gloves" or " Holy huge scallops Batman"

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